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Embrace the cloud without losing control

Users sign in once to access ALL web based applications

Intermedia AppID Enterprise centralizes management and access for all your web apps so you can scale your cloud footprint without sacrificing security or control. It offers three key capabilities that IT needs in the cloud era:

A complete Single Sign-On solution to centralize employee access

App Shaping to limit what employees can see and do within a web app


Audit and Compliance reporting for visibility into anything an employee sees or does within a web app


Backed by Intermedia’s famous white-glove onboarding, 24/7 support and ongoing innovation, AppID Enterprise offers a worry-free experience that spans across your entire cloud footprint.


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Any individual web app has the potential for tremendous benefits in terms of cost of ownership, user productivity, and IT agility. But as organisations embrace the cloud, the number of web apps in your IT environment quickly adds up—and quickly overwhelms IT’s ability to ensure security, manage costs and maintain control.

AppID Enterprise by Intermedia solves these problems by allowing organisations to assert full control over their entire cloud footprint. It does so by offering three key capabilities:

IAM for Any Web Application

Without AppID Enterprise, every new web app you add multiplies the complexity of maintaining a secure IT environment. AppID Enterprise allows you to embrace the cloud for your web apps without losing your grasp on security. That’s because it lets you instantly apply your security policies to any app your users deploy.

It’s the first solution to truly make cloud security scalable. AppID Enterprise lets you maintain company security by allowing you to:

  • Easily enforce strong password policies.
  • Prevent password leaks by effectively eliminating multiple passwords.
  • Use App Shaping to limit access to sensitive data and functions.
  • Use Audit Trails to track down the source of misuse or theft.
  • Administer app password changes and other credential management needs on behalf of users, eliminating a weak point in security.
  • Ensure that all access to web apps occurs in line with your security, management and auditing policies.
  • Revoke a user’s complete cloud access with just one click to ensure that former employees or lost devices cannot compromise company data.

Google Apps

  • Full management of features and functions including document sharing restrictions
  • Easily restrict Gmail accounts to corporate only
  • Achieve compliance through intuitive dashboard

The ability for users within and among organisations to share data quickly and cost efficiently has made Google Apps a leading cloud productivity suite. Intermedia AppID Enterprise helps to reduce user administration effort, increase productivity, prevent application misuse and meet audit requirements while leveraging the full benefits of Google Apps.

Restrict document sharing

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Application feature control gives organisations app shaping capabilities with full management of app features and functions with no complex changes to the app back-end. Tabs, menu options, buttons and links can be disabled or removed from view, or their use can simply be monitored and logged. Application shaping features for Google Apps include:

  • Gmail can be made corporate-only
  • File attach capabilities to Gmail messages can be removed
  • Chat boxes can be removed
  • Sharing options can be removed from menu or document editor in Google Drive

Detailed user activity reports - THIS SHOULD BE A SUB HEADING AS ABOVE

AppID Enterprise has an intuitive analytics dashboard and can audit detailed user activity down to every click of the mouse, with optional screenshots attached to specific events.

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The dashboard provides actionable intelligence to monitor:

  • File downloads
  • Attachments to Gmail
  • Application use (or under use)
  • And more


Intermedia AppID Enterprise protects assets including Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Documents, and more, without the need for expensive custom development. For applications built on the platform, AppID Enterprise provides SSO, granular application access control to any feature or function, as well as a comprehensive audit trail of all user activity.

It provides organisations the ability to determine exactly which pages and elements within Salesforce a user can access. Individual elements such as tabs, menu options, buttons and links can be disabled, removed from view, or their use can simply be monitored and logged.

AppID Enterprise supports market leading cloud applications including, Google Docs, Google Apps, Microsoft Office365, Windows InTune, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex, Oracle On Demand and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Social Media

  • Increase productivity by making social networking sites read-only
  • Single sign-on keeps organisations in control of corporate social media passwords
  • Retain benefits of social media for marketing with different controls for corporate users and personal users

Facebook has grown from a little-known networking site for American university students into a global communications medium. There are more than a billion Facebook users and, if we include other social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn, almost two billion people are connected in online communities.

Acknowledged risks

IT managers often find themselves sandwiched between the needs of the business (for security and control) and the demands of users (for personal freedom and marketing access). And as such, many companies choose to simply block social media access. This ‘block-all’ approach limits corporate liability and keeps employees focused on their work, but like it or not, social media has become a modern marketing tool that few companies can afford to disregard.

Flexible policies

Intermedia AppID Enterprise can meet both of these requirements, and here’s how:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capability—users no longer have to remember passwords for various social sites. More importantly they will never know the corporate passwords
  • Create different policies for employees accessing personal social media accounts and marketing teams accessing corporate social media accounts
  • Choose what features employees have access too. Removing comment, share and photo upload facilities means that Facebook can be made read-only

Download our guide to both the opportunities and the hazards presented by social media in the workplace and find out a new way for organisations to make the most of the benefits of engaging with online communities.

Bring Your Own Device - SHOULD BE SUB HEADING

  • Make web apps secure on ALL devices
  • No costly MDM solutions required
  • Keep sensitive data safe by controlling features and functions within the browser


Defined Privileges

AppID Enterprise enables organisations to define privilege levels for each user and/or groups and the web applications they are authorized to use. This enables organisations to set policies and determine exactly which pages and elements within a web page a user is allowed to access.

Service Providers

  • Consistent user experience for customers and partners
  • Improve customer satisfaction with single sign-on
  • Manage users from multiple identity stores

Single sign-on (SSO) for any web application means customers can access all your services with just one login. With support for browsers including: IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and mobile platforms including iOS and Android—the user experience is consistent no matter what device used, increasing customer satisfaction.

Customizable portal pages

The AppID Enterprise portal page can be completely customized in line with your organisation’s brand. Putting a wrapper around your services to your customers, with no web development required. Quick and simple.

Defined Privileges

With application feature control AppID Enterprise enables service providers to set policies and determine exactly which pages and elements within a page users are allowed to access. Individual elements such as tabs, menu options, buttons and links, can be disabled or removed from view without the need for any complex customization of the web pages themselves.

Manage Users from Multiple Identity Stores

Internal users managed in identity stores, such as Active Directory, can be kept separate from partners and customers accessing applications in AppID Enterprise. Providing a secure distinction between the two can be added locally in AppID Enterprise, avoiding the costs associated with adding users outside the organisation to existing enterprise stores.

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