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Tuesday, 28 November 2017 09:52

8MAN Release 9.0: User Cockpit Help-Desk

With a clear and simple processes for access rights management the new cockpit enables easy to use controls for non-IT staff.
Whether through the 8MAN order portal or via a connected ticket system, help desk employees receive clear tasks and simple processes. Thus pressure is removed from the administrator, freeing up time to take care of other infrastructure projects.

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Thursday, 25 February 2016 00:00

Lepide 2020 Suite

The most important thing in this day and age is to protect your data. The thing is, protection has to start from the inside. It does not necesarily have to be a nefarious action that causes problem, inocent actions and mistakes are the main cause of data loss. The modification of a file, the movement of a file, the accidental (or otherwise) deleting of an OU.

These changes can be tracked using native tools, but not easily or quickly, so what is needed is a third party tool to make this job easy and quick Enter Lepide Auditor Suite.

Ledpide Auditor Suite will show changes made to SQL, Exchange,Sharepoint and File servers plus any changes made within AD. Changes can be shown in realtime for fault finding and error correction and reports can be produced for compliance requirements as desired.

All this at a very reasonable price. Check out Lepide Auditor Suite here

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 00:00

8MAN Permissions Management

8MAN is without doubt the most graphical presentation of the permissions structure within a Windows network I have ever seen and by some margin. The more users you have and the more complex and diverse your organisation, the more likely you are to have problems knowing who has access to what. 8MAN makes this a simple task and I urge you to take a look, you wont be disappointed 8MAN Information

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