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Coud App ControlApps like Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter and Salesforce have changed the way we do business. However, new web security products are needed to keep up with this ever changing trend.

A new kind of purpose built protection is needed to aleviate the risks attached to this new environment.

Uncover shadow IT
See the cloud applications being used on your network – assess the risk and take action.

A key benefit of Cloud Application Control is the ability to identify App usage across hundreds of apps and thousands of actions, presenting this information in an easy to understand way. The CensorNet products identify app usage in real time, across multiple networks and devices, providing instant feedback from the moment the product is deployed.

Once the IT department understands the extent of Cloud App usage, it is possible to decide what applications are in the best interests of the company and the user. CensorNet provides a profile for every app which allows an informed decision to be made about its suitability and should it be deemed unacceptable, it is simple to take decisive action about access or restriction.

Complete Visibility

Traditional web security products stop at the login page for a particular cloud service or application. Activity within the application is encrypted and the traditional product is only able to see a URL, which in most cases will be meaningless as to the intent and real activity of the user.

In addition to the clear visibility, cloud activity will also be associated with a risk rating. CensorNet provides risk ratings for every action and you have the ability to alter this to suit what your organisation considers risk and the reports engine will adjust accordingly.

CensorNet’s Cloud Application Control feature goes deeper, following the user inside the cloud application and recording activity down to individual action, such as file uploads and message posts, but also hundreds of other actions that may impact your business. The unprecedented visibility is reflected in the easy to use reporting engine which allows proactive and reactive searching of cloud activity across all users and devices.

CensorNet Cloud Application Control is a component of CensorNet Web Security more information here


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