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Web Security

CensorNet’s web security products allows you to provide a safe Internet experience for all the people within your organisation enabling you to control all aspects of web access quickly and effectively. Trusted by hundreds of organisations, from enterprise to small businesses to large schools and local government.

CensorNet Web Security products are available for on-premise, offering secure web gateway with built-in Cloud Application Control capability with web access policies for BYOD initiatives, or hybrid topology which adds the control of endpoint component, together with the flexibility and mobility of a centralised cloud service.

Using a database of billions of URLs, Secure Web Gateway instantly protects users from inappropriate websites. On top of that we use human inspection of content in multiple languages as well as advanced image scanning technology. This ensures your users don’t see what you don’t want them to see.

It’s not just content blocking either. CensorNet Secure Web Gateway takes care of malware with multiple layers of security. Our breakthrough online threat detection and predictive heuristics stop web-based malware threats fast.

And, when it comes to network stability you can kill bandwidth intensive downloads or applications instantly.

Because CensorNet Secure Web Gateway protects any device, your users can take advantage of the devices they already own. Simply manage BYOD policies in your dashboard. With native support for ActiveDirectory it allows your users to login to a secure and safe environment. It means they are more productive with any device.

CensorNet Secure Web Gateway blends Web Filtering and Cloud Application Control together. Giving you one solution to control all web use on your network.

Uncover shadow IT and see the cloud applications being used on your network – sanctioned and unsanctioned. With Secure Web Gateway you see in real-time all the cloud applications that are being used on your network. You can even see what’s happening inside them. This level of visibility allows you to assess risk and take action.

With Secure Web Gateway not only can you see applications used, but you can see inside them too. X-ray vision lets you see actions like file uploads, message posts and data storage for any cloud applications on your network – even social media. And all from one easy dashboard.

Key Features

  • "single pane of glass” view of all web activity across your company
  • Huge url database plus hunam inspection
  • Native support for AD
  • Web Filtering and Cloud Application Control in one solution
  • Uncover shadow IT and see the cloud applications being used on your network
  • See file uploads, message posts and data storage for any cloud applications on your network, even social media
  • Complete management of web access for corporate networks




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Censornet Web Security is licensed per user on an annual subscription basis.


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System Requirements

Recommended Requirements

• 64-bit physical or virtual machine* to run Linux (operating system is included)
• 4 or 8 GB of RAM
• Dual or Quad Core CPU
• 100 GB HDD
• At least one Ethernet interface
• For the web interface – Internet Explorer 10 or above with JavaScript enabled, Firefox or

VMware (with VMware Tools installed), VirtualBox, XenServer, Hyper-V
(with Integration Services installed)

There are a number of ways the proxy server can be deployed to devices on the network:
The proxy server address is configured in the web browser proxy settings explicitly, either
manually or via Group Policy. This is best practice for domain based devices.Your text...

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