Realtime Change Auditing

Offering real-time enterprise-wide auditing and alerting for Active Directory, Group Policy plus Windows Server file system and authentication cptrax setting400
CPTRAX comprises four modules, selectable according to your company requirements. The modules are:


Active Directory Real-Time Alerting and Auditing

  • By attribute for add value, remove value and modify value (includes before and after values plus rollback ability)
  • By schema definition changes including new object classes and attributes created
  • By specific object or by wildcard including path
  • By object class for create, delete and modify

Group Policy Real-Time Alerting and Auditing

  • By actual granular level changes made including separate core and non-core files auditing
  • By status changes (enabled, disabled including version number revisions)
  • By gpLink and gpOptions attributes including changes to link priority
  • By existing GPOs and newly created GPOs
  • By comparison to predetermined baseline GPO(s) or previous version compare

Windows Server File System Real-Time Alerting and Auditing

  • Server File and Folder changes, optionally including name of Share used
  • Server File and Folder permission changes and ownership changesServer File access including open, create, rename (move) and delete

Windows Server Authentication Real-Time Auditing and Auditing

  • Server Authentication activity for Citrix sessions and Terminal Server, NTLM, NTLMSSP, Kerberos and FTP sessions
  • Server Authentication Failures for NTLM, NTLMSSP, Kerberos and FTP sessionsReports include IP address where request originated and login name used and/or attempted.

Key Features

  • Audit changes to Active Directory
  • Audit changes to Group Policy
  • Track Login/Logout on Windows Server
  • Track Logon/Logoff on Citrix and Terminal Server
  • Track folder and file changes on Windows Server
  • Track folder and file changes on Citrix and Windows Terminal Servers
  • Audit Windows file access
  • Audit folder moves on Windows Servers
  • Maintain HIPPA compliance




 Sub Categories


CPTRAX for Windows Modules are licensed by the total number of enabled user objects. We also offer alternate per server pricing for the File System Auditing, GPO Audting and Logon/Logoff Auditing modules. To receive a custom quote for CPTRAX for Windows we will need to know the number of enabled user objects or the number of Windows Servers\Domain Controlers where you will be installing CPTRAX.


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System Requirements

CPTRAX for Windows Server Agent

On a server where CPTRAX will be used to collect and control activity:

Windows 2012Windows 2008 (32bit or 64bit)Windows 2003 (32bit or 64bit)Windows 2000100MB of RAM100MB of Disk Space (may need considerably more depending on volume of activity tracked and where activity logs are stored). File Compression is recommended on the folder used for storing activity logs

Optional support for activity records to be sent to a Microsoft SQL Server.

On a server or workstation where CPTRAX will be used in Auditor mode:

Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2012, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win7 or Win8 (can be 32bit or 64bit for any of these)50MB of RAM1GB of Disk Space (may need considerably more depending on volume of activity tracked) File Compression is recommended on the folder used for storing activity logs

Because of its lightweight construction, CPTRAX for Windows has no minimum CPU speed requirements and works on machines with up to 32 CPUs on a 32bit Operating System and 256 CPUs on a 64bit Operating System.

There are no minimum requirements for use of Domains, Active Directory, or stand-alone configurations. CPTRAX provides interoperability across all servers in your networked environment!

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