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Imitates human ethical hackers to perform around the clock machine-based penetration testing.

• Scans all IP-based components – infrastructure,applications, and databases.
• Exposes vulnerabilities and complex Attack Path Scenarios in real-time.
• Uses patented silent and fast scanning technology that does not disrupt critical systems and IoT.
• Checks up to 1 million Attack Path Scenarios in three hours.
• Analyzes the data and provides a dynamic risk map to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks.
• Already runs on approximately 20K machines.


Key Features

  • CREST Approved
    The only CREST approved penetration testing solution.

  • Business Process Focused
    Unique, patented Machine-based Penetration Testing Software with Global Attack Path Scenarios (APS).

  • Prioritise Remediation
    Gives the opportunity to prioritise remediation in relation to business critical assets.

  • Continuous Penetration Testing
    Runs continuously, not once or twice a year as is typical for human pen test.

  • Tests all your assets
    CyBot Pro can reach hundreds of thousands of assets per day, a typical human pen tester can reach 5-10 assets per day.

  • Tranbsparent operation
    Does not disrupt critical systems.

  • Very low false positives
    Does not cloud the issues or cause extra work with false positives.

    CREST mid res

    Leader in Automated Penetration Testing CRONUS is approved for Delivery of Ethical Penetration Testing Services by CREST




Cronus machine bsaed penetration testing.

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Annual subscription license with discounts for >1 year commitment

Licensed per IP address scanned


  • Business Network Status
  • Cronus Desktop

System Requirements

Cronus Cybot is supplied as a Virtual appliance on Hyper-V or VMware

Also available as a cloud based service.

Minimum system requirements:

Cybot Pro

CPU 4 Cores
Free Disk Space 60 GB
Network 1 Ethernet card 100Mbps
Hypervisor VMware ESXi v5.5 or higher / Hyper-V 3.0 (Server 2008 R2) or higher
Internet Browser Google Chrome
Port 443, 6432

Cybot Enterprise

CPU 8 Cores
Free Disk Space 1 TB Storage
Network VMXNET 2 or Greater
Hypervisor VMware ESXi v5.5 and up (Recommended/Hyper-V 3. (Server 2008 R2) or higher
Internet Browser Google Chrome
Port 443, 6432
1TB (for production)
1 Ethernet card 100Mbps
VMware ESXi v5.5 or higher / Hyper-V 3.0
(Server 2008 R2) or higher
Google Chrome
443, 6432

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