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EgoSecure dos more than just blindly protect your data. Firstly, this unique solution determines the data protection situation of your network. It then gives you specific to your network, accurate information with guidance on how to protect yourself via the 20+ protection modules. This process can also be automated.170309 Portfoliografik 768x469

Data is the life-blood of every organisation and for more than 10 years, EgoSecure have been innovating and leading the way in the field of data protection. To date, more than 2,100 customers from every industry and of all sizes, are benefiting from EgoSecure Data Protection.

If data is lost due to theft, negligence or accident, it can ruin businesses and reputations. The most vulnerable points of attack are our devices, e.g. computers, smartphones, laptops, etc., which are operated by people – and people are fallible.

Firewall and Anti-virus protection are not enough to protect data.

EgoSecure Functions

After analyzing the data flow and identifying the weak links with Insight & IntellAct, the protective measures can be configured individually with 20 protective functions. These protective functions are based on the C.A.F.E. MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLE.

All functions are integrated into one solution, access only one database and are controlled via a central management console. There is only one installation, after which the functions can be activated in accordance with the protection requirements. A subsequent adjustment of the protection needs requires no new installation.

Key Features







 Sub Categories


License model EgoSecure Endpoint :
Purchase licensing or subscription agreement.
Module licensing on user, computer, or mobile device – level.
Licensing is done according to the named user license model.
Number of licenses to be calculated based on managed objects (user / computer)
License is released if it is disabled or deleted.
No additional licensing costs for installing server or client component.


System Requirements

On the server´s side it depends on the number of agents, but the following resources are required in normal operation:

RAM: 100 MB

RAM: 200 MB
HDD: 500 MB