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Hyena was created to both centralise and simplify most of the daily management tasks of Active Directory Management and Windows Network with the addition of new capabilities to current native tools.  Hyena, now includes multiple methods for bulk-updating Active Directory information : Hyena logo

The new Active Task feature allows for mass updating and importing of Active Directory data.

The Active Editor, an interactive Active Directory editor, allows you to move around freely and change directory information as simply as if it were in a spreadsheet.

The software uses and Explorer-style interface, including right-hand mouse click "pop-up" context menus for all objects.  Added to this, it also supports management of local and global groups and users, domains, shares, computers and many processes including printers.

Hyena also includes full exporting capabilities and both Microsoft Access and  Excel reporting and exporting options. All of these features are part of the Standard Edition of Hyena.

The Enterprise Edition adds support for:

Exchange 2000/2003/2007*/2010/2013 Server mailbox integration and properties management.download Hyena
Terminal Server user properties and session administration.
WMI integration

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