Ideal AdministrationIDEAL Administration simplifies the administration of Windows Active Directory domains and Workgroups by providing all the necessary features for managing domains, servers, workstations and users in a single tool. Perform administration tasks like Active Directory management, remote control operation for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, data migration or database inventories, via LAN, WAN, VPN or Internet.

With IDEAL Administration you can manage your Active Directory domains and Workgroups, or browse them as easily as surfing the Internet!


IDEAL Administration is also, very competitively priced. 


Key Features

  • Active Directory Domain and Workgroup management
  • Group Policy Objects inventory and management
  • Active Directory Explorere, Search and Editor
  • Manage Domains, VLANs and Workgroups via multi-tabbed interface
  • Active Directory Object Migration between Domains and Servers
  • User Account Password Migration From/To Any Windows Servers
  • Remote Product Key Recovery (Microsoft, Adobe, Pointdev, ...)
  • Remote Windows WMI Management
  • Remote Command Prompt Execution
  • Remote Settings for Computer Names and IP Addresses
  • Remote Control for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Systems
  • Remote Windows UAC and Firewall Management
  • Remote Administration for Windows Servers and Stations
  • Automatic Inventory in HTML and MS Access or MS SQL Databases
  • Automatic and Planned Wake up of Computers (Wake On LAN)
  • Automatic Remote Control Agent Deployment
  • Chat, Screenshots and File Transfer during Remote Sessions
  • Quick Start Configuration Wizard



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One License by Administrator for an Unlimited Number of Managed Domains, Servers and Workstations. License is perpetual and includes one year software maintenance and technical support.


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System Requirements

 Active Administrator will run on the following platforms: Windows NT, XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, 8 or 2012 Server.


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