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Macmon Network Access Control provides a complete overview of your entire network environment at all times, performs a large number of essential network configurations automatically and  thereby guarantees that all of the devices in your network are protected against unauthorised access and network attacks.

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Macmon NAC Basic provides you with the protection you need to effectively control access to your network. Protecting your network against intrusion of unauthorised devices. Providing you with an overview of all the devices on your network, offering you the possibility of real-time IT inventory management. By allowing central administration of all company network switches via SNMP or SSH/Telnet. macmon NAC ensures that you have control over your network, macmon can notify you by means of switch-port-specific rules, and grant or deny access. The comprehensive user-specific reporting continually provides you with up-to-date evaluations.

Macmon also offers two product bundles and specific Add-Ons:

Network Bundle:

Premium Bundle:



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Macmon is licensed per MAC address, licenses are perpetual with annual maintenance. 



System Requirements

Macmon operates completely independent of the manufacturer. This means that all the SNMP manageable switches and routers can be controlled using macmon. Thus we can completely cover even highly heterogeneous environments.