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  • CPTRAX - Realtime Change Auditing

    Offering real-time enterprise-wide auditing and alerting for Active Directory, Group Policy plus Windows Server file system and authentication events.

    CPTRAX comprises four modules,

  • Cynet 360 - All-in-one Security Platform

    Defending your organisation’s domains, endpoints, networks, files and users, Cynet 360 is the first platform to converge multiple security technologies with a 24/7 cyber SWAT team, ...

  • Datto - Business Continuity and DR

    Datto SaaS Protection

    Datto SaaS Protection helps you recover quickly from data loss in Office 365 or G SuiteDattoSS...

  • Droplet - Run legacy apps

    Deliver application freedom with Droplet Computing Universal Containers

    Droplet Containerise...


    DSRAZOR gives you the ability to comprehensively audit and document your vital Active Directory data. When you Audit your Active Directory with DSRAZOR you can filter on almost any Active

  • EgoSecure Data Protection

    EgoSecure dos more than just blindly protect your data. Firstly, this unique solution determines the data protection situation of your network. It then gives you specific to your network,

  • IDEAL Admin Pack

    IDEAL Admin Pack - available as a bundle which must include at least two of the following products:


  • IDEAL Administration

    IDEAL Administration simplifies the administration of Windows Active Directory domains and Workgroups by providing all the necessary features for managing domains, servers,

  • IDEAL Alerter

    IDEAL Alerter monitors and manages defined events, applying a set of associated actions on network servers and workstations.

    Use IDEAL Alerter to remotely

  • IDEAL Dispatch

    IDEAL Dispatch offers the ability to install/uninstall software, run scripts and programs, actions (Files, Wake on LAN, UAC etc) remotely.


  • IDEAL Migration

    IDEAL Migration automates your Active Directory domain consolidation and migration.

    With IDEAL Migration you will be able to migrate all server objects (OU, groups, users,

  • IDEAL Remote

    IDEAL Remote is more than a remote control tool, in addition it offers the capability to manage remote computers, registry, events, printers, processes, sessions, open files, WMI

  • IDEAL Secure

    Remotely optimise, secure and parameterise Windows operating systems (Server or Workstation) in a few clicks. Easily enable or disable a set of actions on a selection of computers in a

  • Ironscales - Anti-phishing

    Secure The Mailbox. Not Just The Email Server! with Ironscales Best Of Breed Anti Phishing Threat Protection.

    Office 365 missed 34,000 phishing emails spanning September through

  • Lepide Active Directory Self Service

    Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) is a web-based Active Directory self-service solution, enabling end users to update personal information in Windows

  • LepideAuditor Suite - Auditing and Data Governance

    Auditing configuration changes within your IT environment is a tough challenge as even a single unnoticed change can pose a big threat to business security. Also, the manual auditing route is

  • Macmon - Network Access Control

    Macmon Network Access Control provides a complete overview of your entire network environment at all times, performs a large number of essential network configurations automatically and 

  • NetConsent Policy Management and Compliance

    NETconsent Compliance Suite has all the essential elements required to deliver a pro-active and sustainable approach to the policy management lifecycle. Out-of-date and irrelevant

  • Pearl Echo - Internet Access Filtering

    Pearl Echo.Suite web filtering software for use across many areas including web surfing, e-mail, instant messaging and chat, file transfers, news resource access. Pearl

  • Solarwinds Access Rights Manager (8MAN)

    Using native tools the management of permissions in a Windows environment is at best time consuming and at worst, in large complex environments almost impossible. Manage permissions the easy


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