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IDEAL Migration automates your Active Directory domain consolidation and migration.

With IDEAL Migration you will be able to migrate all server objects (OU, groups, users, files, ACL, etc.) from and to any Windows stand alone or Active Directory server, with the possibility also to automatically change domain client PCs ideal migrationwithout intervention.

IDEAL Migration covers migration of 32bit and 64bit architectures.

IDEAL Migration does not require a trusted relationship between domains, nor does it require servers to be online to carry out a migration. Also the export and import of objects are carried out using CSV files. There files can be easily installed in a database, modified or even created manually if so desired.


{tab Key Features}

  • Huge saving on Migration Projects
  • User password migration with or without trusted relationships or between standalone servers
  • Object Exportation into CSV files to be Manually Modified before Importing
  • Migration Projects can be Scheduled and Executed from Command Prompt
  • Can be used with or without trusted relationships
  • Full Windows Active Directory Domain Migration and Consolidation
  • Client Station Migration to a New Domain While Preserving Profiles (local or roaming profiles)
  • Automatic Access Permissions (ACLs) translation for Files, Directories and Shared Folders
  • Stopped or Disconnected Server Migration
  • Windows Small Business Server (SBS) Domain Migration
  • Transfer of all NTFS file and directory permissions
  • SID History management
  • Roaming profile migration
  • Can handle one or more source domains
  • Can handle one or more destination domains
  • Copy user accounts with their password to any 32bit or 64bit systems
  • Move file and folder securities from one server to another
  • Move shared folders from one server to another

{tab Licensing}

licensing is per migrated user i.e. the number of users to be migrated from source domain or server.

Licenses are perpetual and on initial purchase include one year software maintenance and technical support. Software maintenance allows use all new product versions. Subsequent maintenance renewals are available for one, two or three years.

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{tab System Requirements}

Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, 8, 2012 Server or NT 4.0 with MMC 1.1 or higher.