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Priviliged Accounts are non-human accounts used by IT staff everywhere, which ofter have unfettered access to critical data and systems.

They existe everywhere in nearly every connected device, server, hypervisor, OS,DB or application, both on-premice and in the cloud.Thycoyic Architecture

Priviliged accounts represent one of the most vulnerable aspects of the IT infrastructure in any organisation.

A Priviliged Account Management solution is required to negate the following potential problems:

  • 62% of breaches resulted from priviliged account abouse  - IANS.
  • Exploiting priviliged accounts is the most common target of any cyber attack.
  • Malicious insiders continue to be a significant risk.
  • Accomplishes in minutes what would take countless IT hours.Traditional threat protection, focused on the perimiter, is not sufficient to protect priviliged accounts.

 Thycotic Secret Server is the easy to use and cost effective answer.


{tab Key Features}


  • Discover & Store Privileged Accounts
    Easily detect all privileged accounts and store the passwords in our secure vault.
    Accomplishes in minutes what would take countless IT hours.

  • Manage & Audit Privileged Accounts
    Automatic password rotation to manage the keys to the kingdom.
    Alerts you to abnormal use of credentials.
    Dramatically improves your security posture.
    Facilitates adherence to compliance standards.

  • Monitor & Control Privileged Accounts
    Know how your privileged accounts are being used and deter abuse
    Provide full view to SOC with SIEM integration of privilege activities.
    Non-repudiation evidence for auditors through active recording & monitoring.


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{tab Licensing}

1. Each named user (not concurrent user) needs a user license. User licenses are a one-time fee and more user licenses can be purchased at any time. The number of passwords you need to
store and the total devices on your network do not impact licensing costs.
2. There are 4 editions. Express, Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus. All editions are onetime fees except the Express edition, which is charged annually, at $10.
3. Support licensing is the only recurring Secret Server cost. It applies to all editions except Express.
It is an annual subscription based on a percentage of the User + Edition cost. All user licenses
must have an accompanying support license for the account to be considered supported; a
customer cannot only purchase support for one of their users. The support costs give customers
access to technical support, software updates and other improvements and feature

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{tab System Requirements}

Minimum Requirements - Basic Deployments

Web Server Database Server
2 CPU Cores 2 CPU Cores
25 GB Disk Space 50 GB Disk Space
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or newer Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or newer
IIS 7 or newer SQL Server 2012 or newer
.NET 4.5.1 or newer  

Recommended Requirements - Basic Deployments
*Environments budgeting for over 10,000 Secrets require a scoping call with a Thycotic engineer

Web Server Database Server
4 CPU Cores 4 CPU Cores
25 GB Disk Space 100+ GB Disk Space
Windows Server 2012 or newer Windows Server 2012 or newer
IIS 7 or newer SQL Server 2012 or newer
.NET 4.6.1 or newer  

Minimum Requirements - Advanced Deployments
Recommended for organizations deploying Discovery, Session Recording, or increased numbers ofDistributed Engines
*See Feature-Specific Guides listed Below for Recommended Requirements and Details based on feature

Web Server Database Server
8 CPU Cores 8 CPU Cores
25 GB Disk Space 100+ GB Disk Space
Windows Server 2012 or newer Windows Server 2012 or newer
IIS 7 or newer SQL Server 2012 or newer
.NET 4.6.1 or newer  

Recommended Requirements - Advanced Deployments // Feature-Specific Requirements & Capacity Guides:

Session Recording Requirements—Basic & Advanced
Port/Access Information
Ports Used By Secret Server
General Details
*System Requirements apply to both physical and virtual machines
 *For best performance, we recommend using dedicated (clean) servers for hosting Thycotic products
 *If .NET and/or IIS features are not already installed on the web server, the Thycotic Installer will add and configure them automatically
 * If SQL is not already installed on a database server, the Thycotic Installer can setup SQL Express on the web server, however SQL Express is intended for Trials and Sandbox environments ONLY. Though Thycotic will support SQL Express, users will likely experience performance issues due to the memory and product limitations. If experiencing performance issues while using SQL Express, it is highly recommended to upgrade to SQL Server prior to contacting Thycotic Support.

A link to Microsoft documentation on the use and limitations of SQL Express can be found at:
*Web Servers that are NOT SUPPORTED: Small Business Server (SBS), The Essentials Edition, Any Client OS, Domain Controllers, Sharepoint Servers