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IDEAL Dispatch offers the ability to install/uninstall software, run scripts and programs, actions (Files, Wake on LAN, UAC etc) remotely.


IDEAL Dispatch: Overviewideal dispatch

IDEAL Dispatch allows you to remotely install Windows patches, run scripts and msi files, uninstall programs or update software on all the servers and client workstations on the network, in Workgroups or Active Directory environments.


{tab Key Features}

  • Windows Hotfix Installer
  • Remotely uninstall software when in Silent Mode
  • Windows Workgroup and Active Directory Deployments
  • Management of Packages: EXE / COM / MSI / VBS
  • Allows you to schedule all deployments and Installations
  • Able to install and execute from a simple workstation
  • Remote Script Execution
  • Multiple Actions can be combined into one Distribution
  • Wake On Lan Management to Start Stations prior to Deployment
  • Distribution Models for Later Execution
  • Powerful Filters can be configured on Actions or Distributions

IDEAL Dispatch is both easy and quick to install on any Windows workstation or server and can deploy MSI packages, Windows scripts, batch files or uninstall software.   With its intuitive interface and management capabilities when adding a distribution server and creating a new distribution, make IDEAL Dispatch a very easy-to-use tool.

IDEAL Dispatch offers you a  wide range of usage possibilities, thanks to the various types of actions it  offers:

  • Wake On Lan: Wake up the target computer.
  • Process: Stop a remote process.
  • Command: Execute a MSDOS command.
  • Delay: Define a delay between two actions.
  • Event logs: Record a message into the Windows Events.
  • Executable: Make it possible to run a local or remote script file (.bat, .cmd, VB Script, .msi, .exe, .com, etc.).
  • File: Make it possible to copy, move, delete, edite of both files and directories.
  • MSI: Makes it possible to install,repair, remove and announce a MSI file (.msi).
  • Network drive: Add or remove a network drive.
  • Post a message: Post a message on a remote station screen ready to send a reply.
  • Despatch an email: Send an email to inform about a distribution for example.
  • Service: Start, stop or restart a service.
  • Software update: Make it possible to install service packs or software updates.
  • Registry: Change a station registry.
  • System: Make it possible to close a session, restart, shut-down, lock, put into extended stand-by or cancel a direct action.
  • UAC: Enable / Disable the station UAC.
  • Uninstall: Make it possible to uninstall software in classic or slient mode.
  • VBScript: Make it possible to run a local or remote VBScript file (.vbs).

It takes two minutes to install IDEAL Dispatch on any PC or server connected to the network.

The product offers many functions to help with the management of all your computers:

  • Planning the installation and running of distributions on a large number of servers and workstations.
  • Selecting computers by group (All computers, servers, workstations, Windows 2008/2003/2000 Server...) or by name.
  • Possibility of refining the selection of computers by applying fully customizable filters.
  • Displaying clear and detailed error and event reports.
  • Possibility of easily copying, modifying, and rescheduling a distribution.
  • Simplified rescheduling of failed actions or computers with one click.


  • Remote running of scripts and programs
    - Allows a script file to be run locally or remotely: .bat, .cmd, VB Script, .msi, .exe, .com, etc.
    - Possibility of entering argumentsPossibility of attaching files
    - Support for Windows commands
  • VBScript
    - Allows a VBScript file to be run locally or remotely
    - Assistant of deployment and simplified execution of the VBScript files (.vbs)
  • Service Pack and Software Update
    - Allows a software update to be run locally or remotely
    - Assistant of deployment and simplified installation for a service pack or a software update by automatic detection of the installer engine (Update, Hotfix or IExpress)
  • MSI
    - Allows a MSI file to be run locally or remotely
    - Assistant of deployment, to install, repair, remove and announce a MSI file (.msi)
  • Uninstalling
    -Allows you to uninstall software in classic or in silent mode.
  • Files
    - Allows copying, moving, deletion, editing and printing of both files and directories
    - Possibility of using environmental variables for specifying source and destination paths: %APPDATA%, %HomeDrive%, %HomePath%, %ProgramFiles%, %SystemDrive%, etc.
  • Systems
    - Makes it possible to close a session, restart, shut-down, lock, put into extended stand-by, and cancel a direct action
    - Possibility of displaying an alert message to warn the user for a certain time in seconds
    - Makes it possible to force applications to close without warning
  • Computer Selecting
    - Makes it possible to select client workstations and servers based on their type: All computers, All  servers, All workstations, Windows 2012, Windows 8.x, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003  Server, Windows 2000 Server, or by name using their NetBios or Active Directory name or even with their IP address
  • Filters
    - Predefined filters: these are filters whose values and conditions are already filled in: OS version, OS  type, version of Internet Explorer, Service Pack, processor, language, computer
    - Customized filters: you can create your own filters from the registry. By default, a certain number of filters with registry data are offered to you. A registry explorer is  available to you
    - You can apply as many filters as you likeIt is possible to modify the interaction between filters by creating a filter equation: Filter1 AND Filter2; Filter1 OR Filter2
    - Possibility of testing the filtering to estimate which computers from the selection will remain after filtering.
  • Full Reports
    - Lists the installation and running reports for each action on each machine
    - Use of icons in the list to quickly identify the type of action
    - Makes it possible to find out with a simple click at all times: the date and time of the beginning and end of installation and running, the list of computers involved, successful or failed actions on each computer, the time and the cause of a failure
    - Possibility of archiving installed and run distributions reports.
    -Possibility of creating sub-folders in order to classify distributions reports.
  • Rescheduling
    - Possibility of easily copying, modifying or scheduling a distribution with a right click, using the menu bar or using drag-and-drop
    - By simply clicking on a distribution, an action or a computer, you can reschedule: the whole distribution, all the actions on a set of computers, only the failed actions on the set of         computers, all the actions but only on the computers where there has  been a failure, the failed actions on a set of computers
  • Easy to use Intuitive interface and documentation in English and localized versions
    - Management when adding a distribution server and when creating a new distribution through displaying messages, checking the validity of data
    - Storing usage data in the memory, such as the size and chosen order of columns, the names of valid servers,  start-up accounts
    - Display of the distribution summary in literal mode.
  • Distribution Scheduling
    - Schedule an existing distribution
    - Display all scheduled distributions
    - Edit, rename, run, and delete a scheduled distribution

 {tab Docs}

There are no documents available for this product

{tab Licensing}

One License per Administrator for an Unlimited Number of Managed Domains, Servers and Workstations


New licenses are perpetual and includes one year of software maintenance and technical support.   Software maintenance entitles you to all product updates/upgrades.  After the first year, you can renew maintenance for 1, 2 or 3 years. 

{tab System Requirements}


System requirements
Windows NT, XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, 8 or 2012 Server{/tabs}