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Deliver application freedom with Droplet Computing Universal Containers

Droplet Containerise

Droplet is a major breakthrough in terms of running legacy apps on any modern operating system. Droplet enables you to run your apps on your device of choice regardless of operating system or chipset, either online or offline, delivering complete application freedom.

Delivering significant business value by providing costs savings, increasing user productivity whilst leveraging the support and increased security of modern operating systems.


{tab Key Features}

  • Droplet Empty Container approach gives extreme flexibility

  • Run legacy apps on modern operating systems and hardware

  • Users can run full versions of their apps

  • Run any app on x86 or ARM based devices

  • Work both online and offline

  • Cost effective and secure solutrion for legacy apps

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{tab Licensing}

Very simple. Droplet is licensed by user on an annual subscription basis.



{tab System Requirements}


Chrome V60 (for Android V62, iOS V11.1)

Firefox V52

Safari V11

Edge  V15


Droplet Containers run on x86 and ARM devices running a supported browser. Enough resources are required to support the applications being run.