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  • EgoSecure dos more than just blindly protect your data. Firstly, this unique solution determines the data protection situation of your network. It then gives you specific to your network, accurate information with guidance on how to protect yourself via the 20+ protection modules. This

  • Auditing configuration changes within your IT environment is a tough challenge as even a single unnoticed change can pose a big threat to business security. Also, the manual auditing route is cluttered, clumsy and disoriented. Therefore, an intrinsic Change Auditing arrangement must be in place

  • NETconsent Compliance Suite has all the essential elements required to deliver a pro-active and sustainable approach to the policy management lifecycle. Out-of-date and irrelevant policies that lead to organisationalconfusion, poor practice and costly errors are eliminated through

  • Next generation permissions management

    Tenfold Dashboard

    Offering the ability to simply control permissions, avoiding

  • UniPrint Infinity is the industry's original printer-vendor independent managed print solution for any IT environment. Based on UniPrint's patented PDF-based Universal Printer Driver and Virtual Print Queue, UniPrint Infinity simplifies printer management and enables anywhere,