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  • Defending your organisation’s domains, endpoints, networks, files and users, Cynet 360 is the first platform to converge multiple security technologies with a 24/7 cyber SWAT team, 
    Offering automated detection and response for any type of threat. Cynet 360 is a real breakthrough in

  • Secure The Mailbox. Not Just The Email Server! with Ironscales Best Of Breed Anti Phishing Threat Protection.

    Office 365 missed 34,000 phishing emails spanning September through October 2017 - Dark Reading

    Get the next generation in anti phishing protection with

  • If you are looking to migrate to Office 365 then look no further. Office 365 is now well proven and there can be no doubt, it is the way to go for email, callendar and documents.
    Migration from legacy on-prem mail servers is also now very easy.
    All components are now available

  • Powerful, intelligent, data security and threat protection.

    Identifying and responding to threats from innocent and malicious sources remains a complex challenge for organisations. This is not a challenge that can be ignored as regulatory requirements such as GDPR threaten large